FxSound 13.028

FxSound 13.028

Free Enhances the audio system by boosting thee bass, optimizes the surround system
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Regardless of the label on your PC speakers, headphones, or laptop built-in audio component (which may well range from JBL to Bang & Olufsen or even Harman/Kardon these days), the sound coming out of your computer rarely comes close to being considered high-fidelity audio. FxSound compensates for your computer audio limitations by enhancing the sound coming out of your existing speakers via a one-touch software solution.

FxSound processes and tweaks the sound’s timbre, volume, spatial balance, and dynamics of any audio coming out of your PC to make up for the limitations inherent to PC speakers and headphones. It enhances the audio on the source, so that any music, game sounds, or even speech being sent to your computer speakers will appear to be of a much superior quality. The program will boost the overall quality of your sound by performing certain improvements and equalization tweaks that are completely transparent to the user. Besides, it will boost up your speakers’ volume without distorting the sound and boost your audio bass to make your music and audio effects sound deeper.

The program comes with a set of presets that will let you perform quick one-click selections whenever you go from playing a game to listening to some music or an audiobook. There are specific one-click settings for those activities, as well as general audio, streaming video, classic processing, light processing, and bass boost presets. To make things even simpler, you can manage the entire program without even opening its main window – just make use of the keyboard shortcuts provided to open and close the program, to turn it on and off, or to change to another preset.

FxSound has gone through deep changes – both in terms of functionality and licensing methods – in the last few months. The look and feel of the tool have been fully revamped, and it the program is now known as FxSound 2. You can upgrade to FxSound 2 Pro both from this new version and the old FxSound (known today as FxSound 1). The Pro variant includes a new equalizer, customized audio effects, the option to save your own presets, and a new spectrum-based visualizer. You can still download a trial version and check for yourself how amazingly good your old PC speakers sound as soon as you click on the program’s big red button. Mind you, this free taster will only last for an hour a day, so try to make the most of it.

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  • Includes various presets, including one for gaming
  • Can be controlled via keyboard shortcuts
  • Adds clarity to recorded speech as well


  • Limited to one hour a day for the trial version


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